Monday, May 14, 2007

Hanguk Guan Charcoal BBQ Korean Restaurant

Since I blogged abt Ju Shin Jung East, I just feel that I should say something about Hanguk Guan Charcoal BBQ cos it is still my fav Korean restaurant (food court outlets not included) to date. It used to be known as Mee-doo Korean Restaurant.
Location: 26 Tanjong Pagar
Tel : 62242881

The last time I went was the past CNY. We ordered pa-jeon (my fav), korean steamboat and 2 portions of BBQ. There were only 3 of us and our tummy almost burst by the time we left. Our wallet also burst, of cos.

The pa-jeon is slightly thick and I like it cos got 'substance'. I also like the soy sauce for the pa-jeon.

Above is the korean bbq. It was a little too chunky...

Below is the korean steamboat with enoki, tofu, korean hotdog (the overall texture is softer than the western type hotdog), mushroom, pork and forgot what else... oh ya, I added the ramen which costs me a few bucks!

Frankly, there was way too much that we ordered, otherwise I would have enjoyed the meal very much.

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