Monday, May 14, 2007

Ju Shin Jung East

Had Mother's Day dinner at Ju Shin Jung East yesterday. The place is at Burger King drive thru at East Coast Park... It is also where Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is located.
1018 East Coast Parkway #02-01 Raintree Cove S449877
Tel : 6447-9279

The restaurant is very huge. I did a rough count and I estimated that it can sit a capacity of 200 diners. They also have a few private rooms, which are chargable if your total bill is below $200. Well, considering that the average bill size per pax is $30, it's not much of a problem if you have 8 pax.

We were there early... so early that the staff were still have their ops briefing. A Korean guy attended to us. He could speak English... with a Korean accent. But most of the staff there are PRC, whom some can speak fluent Korean.

They serve buffet lunch at $29+++... the menu reads "Unlimited Lunch BBQ". Sounds good... yummy!

For this dinner, we ordered a bibimbap, pajeon, pork belly bbq and chicken bbq.

The pajeon was not as good as I expected. Cost abt $20!

Heard that if you order the BBQ, it comes with more side dishes. If you order other dishes, then there's less side dishes. Sides dishes include potato pancakes, potato salad, cold tofu, kimchi, fishcakes, several types of salad, octopus, na-mu, individual servings of cold kimchi soup, onion, chilli sauce and sesame oil.

The pork belly looks good. It tastes good when hot but gets a bit tough when it turns old. Best eaten hot cos you can feel the "oil" oozing when you bite on the fatty portion. Just like pork satay... if you like that feeling. Haha!

The chicken did not "look" as delicious but it was well marinated... so it tasted good hot and cold. :)
Beware of thick and fatty chicken skin....
The restaurant was almost full when I left.... it was about 7pm.

"I shall be back"...

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