Friday, September 28, 2007

211 Roof Terrace Cafe

Have been wanting to try out the food at 211 Roof Terrace Cafe for the longest time. Last night's dinner there was rather unexpected ie. unplanned. And finally got the chance to use the food vouchers from ABN Amro CC.
211 Roof Terrace Cafe
Holland Road Shopping Centre
211 Holland Ave
Telephone: 6462-6194

The place was rather crowded and for a moment, I thought we weren't gonna get a seat since I did not make reservations. Unfortunately, a table for 4 was available and we took it. There is an indoor section and an outdoor section with a choice of smoking or non-smoking area.
Since I had a rather heavy lunch, I opted for something light....
an ice chocolate ($4.50) - just cold milk with chocolate fudge.
It was rather disappointing or maybe it wasn't the type that I like. Actually, it might have tasted great if they could just add a scoop of chocolate gelato. It wld have made a whole world of difference. And I probably won't mind paying $1 more for it.
This item is marked with a 'new' on the menu - Apple and Celery Salad ($7.50). Plainly diced apples with slices celery in salad sauce garnished with 3 pieces of green veg, 3 pieces of cherry tomatoes and some raisins. Serving portion isn't big.

R had 'Cod Fish' ($26) which I had expected to be a rather decent huge portion but it came in half the size of what I had expected. Looked charred but taste wise, it was alright. The spaghetti was quite delicious though a bit oily.

It was a rather expensive dinner, if not for the voucher I had.

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