Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gobi (The Central @ Clarke Quay)

I was on a snack spree to destress myself after a hectic week. Decided to check out Gobi, specialising in French pastries (desserts, sweets and chocolates), who calls themselves 'Happiness in a Box'.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #01-27
Tel: 6534 8187
It is a classy, dainty looking shop facing the main road.
I was a little disappointed to learn that there are only 12 types of chocolates available. 6 each for the Chocolate Factory and Fantasy range. Each piece of dessert is petite by itself. They look like miniature toys.
And, the sales staff told me that I can only mix and match only when there are no other customers around. Hmm.... Since there was no one around, I had my pick.
Ta da! Here's my selection - Dark Angel, Opera, Love Boat and 3 others which I forgot the names. I was also told that the sweets can't stay outside fridge beyond 1.5 hours. OMG!

How much did it cost? $12.80 for 6 pieces. (Found out that it only cost $9.80 a year and a half ago!)
Was it good? So far so good... I've not finished them all yet.

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