Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Swensen's (Holland V)

Call me boring but whenever i go Swensen's, it is either fish & chips or baked rice for me :P
I only managed to finish the spicy dices of curry chicken portion of the baked rice + the cripies. It looks small but it is filled with calories considering the amout of rice below the chicken curry toppings.
Next time i shd share with someone else.

Something to comment abt the service. We called in to make reservation and ordered our food as our past experience tells us that waiting time can sometimes be untolerable and we do have limited lunch hour. We told them that we will be there at 12.45pm and asked for the food to be ready. When half of us reach there at 12.45pm, they already placed our food on the table, even though the chairs were empty.
A little surprise, and I can't quite decide if I shd compliment them for their efficiency or to condemn them for being inconsiderate to leave the food to cool for themselves before the customers arrive.
Well, this is just something to take note of.

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