Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Curry Favour Japanese Reataurant

39 Stamford Road
#01-09 Stamford House
Singapore 178885
Tel: 68831087

Can't remember when Curry Favour was setup... As far as I can remember, I have been wanting to try the curry @ Curry Favour for the longest time but no kakis to go with.... what's more when it is Japanese curry.

My group of very wonderful colleagues decided to celebrate my birthday in a small way ie. just the few of us, though there will be another one 2 days later, where it is normally done in a big way, like 20 of us.

When they asked me where I'd like to go, somehow I could only think of Curry Favour... it must have lingered in my mind for too long that the name just got stuck there.

The restaurant is located at Stamford House... the building where the signature MPH store used to be located. The curry restaurant was just a few doors away. It is not a big restaurant. Probably can only house like 50 customers at 1 go. The entire ambience was cosy.

All 5 of us ordered curry and there was nothing else but compliments on how tasty the curries were. Well, I was both heartily satisfied with the food and also that my colleagues like the curries. Phew!

This is the Half-size Chicken Stew Curry. Besides the tender chicken chunks, there were also potatoes and carrot pieces. It came with Japanese rice and a scoop of potatoe salad. With an additional $1.50 top-up, we get a miso soup + a drink (either green tea or soft drinks).

We ordered a side dish - potatoe to share... it was well mashed yet there are potatoe chunks in between. The taste is pretty unique and delicious.

My colleagues bought a slice of "birthday cake" from a connecting cafe, for me. It is chocolate chip brownie with ice cream. Surprise!

It was a really enjoyable meal... with good food and what's more, excellent companion.

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