Sunday, June 01, 2008

Great Chocz Sale

Frankly, I have never tried chocs and pastries from Chocz cos I consider them as atas confectionery.... But 1 fine day, my colleague and I chanced upon Chocz Pte Ltd (aka headquarters) located at Little Road. Not that the road is narrow or tiny, Little Road is the name of that road near Upper Paya Lebar Road.

The office or kitchen or whatever you call it is located in one of those buildings in an industrial area. Was walking under the hot and scorching sun and what caught my eye was a big signage "50% Off".... Kaypoh me...was curious and hence decided to check it out. Only to realise that it was Chocz cakes on sale - The Great Chocz Sale.

My colleague, who doesn't get as excited as I am at the sight of cakes, asked when the cakes were baked. The sales girl, who spoke limited English and a non-Singaporean, replied that the cakes were baked the day before.

Pralines were going at 30% off at the shop.

I bought a slice of cheese cake (to be shared with Valie) and 2 other slices of chocolate cakes - Chocolate Truffle or Fudge (can't rem) and Chocz Kawa Cake. The Truffle cake is very very good with a thick and sticky layer of dark chocolate. On the other hand, the kawa cake was a big letdown as I thought it would be one of their signature cake. The cake has several layers and the layers were way too hard.

Total damage for 3 slices of cake was $10.50. Well worth it, ya?

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