Friday, June 27, 2008

Haato - Ridgewood Close

Was at Haato again, this time for a farewell lunch. Actually I was in the mood for snacks and ice-cream... er... gelato.
That's my milk-flavour gelato. Everyone gave me that usual unusual stare..."What? Milk?" Frankly, it is really quite yummy. And it is the 1st time I come across Milk-flavour gelato. It went well with the waffle.

And here's "snacks" - yasai croquette (vegetable croquette). The dip for the croquette is quite food and it looked like it is made up of spicy mayo. In fact, I probably would not be able to finish up all 4 pieces of croquette if not for the dip.

Will be back to try out more gelato flavours from Haato... or when I wanna chill out with a few frens during lunch.

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