Saturday, June 07, 2008

Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine

Located at the food court below Le Meridien Hotel, it is not difficult to spot the stall because it has a never-ending line of queue during lunch and dinner.

This is my all-time favourite - BBQ Chicken set ($6.50). Besides chicken, there is also BBQ pork and BBQ beef available. Note that the BBQs are cooked in water and not oil. Something for the health-conscious to note.

Potato-pancake ($3.50). Some people may not find this dish special but I like it. It becomes rather tasty when dip into the soy sauce.
Korean Fried Glass Noodles ($4.50)... another yummy dish cooked using thick vermicelli with pork, carrot, spring onion, cabbage and egg. The ingredients are simple and I suspect the secret to this dish is the cooking sauce used, which I am not sure what they are.
Kimchi Fried Rice ($4.50)...needless to say, it is rice fried with kimchi. Though it is a simple dish, the right type of kimchi has to be used for this dish to be yummy. I'd say, Kim Dae Mun's one is quite appetising. You may just ask for me after finishing this one big plate....

Reasonably-priced yummy dishes. Great value for money...

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  1. Oh !!! You have been there too ??? Have you tried other dishes before ??? The spicy chicken/prawn soup is nice too ... You should also try it


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