Monday, June 16, 2008

No Signboard Seafood @ Vivocity

Ever wondered why No Signboard Seafood is known as such? Well, according to info on its website, it started out as a hawker stall and it did not have a signboard. That was in the 1970s. That was how it got started.
From hawker stall to a popular medium-high end restaurant for mainly family gatherings, it now has several outlets. The recent one I went is at Vivocity, 3rd level. I must say I like the interior deco very much. It is a hybrid of modern western and chinese. Just imagine black chandeliers with golden pillars. Thought it was quite cool...
A word of caution, reservations are necessary if you do not like to wait...

One of their signature dishes is chilli crab. Sri Lanka crabs are popular and most 'economical', costing $40/kg. We ordered 2 small crabs and it costs us $92. The most expensive range of crab costs $180/kg... er, don't ask me why. Probably, atas crabs are probably meant for atas people, which I am not.
If you like to dip mantous in those chilli gravy, you may replace mantous with rice. Each mantou is only about 3cm x 3cm x 2cm. Each serving is only 6. The mantous are quite yummy. Crispy and golden brown on the outside and soft in the inside...

Salad Youtiao - pretty normal standard.... as usual, mayo comes along with it.
Coffee Pork Ribs - coated with sweetened coffee (probably with honey) on fatty ribs. A few pieces will be sufficient. Too much of it will become jerlat cos of the fatty ribs.

Garlic Doumiao - it was expecting those thin doumiao and only realised that they use leafy ones when I was eating half way through. Pretty normal standard.

Total damage was $165 incl tax... would i return again? Probably for the crabs =)

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