Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pasta De Waraku @ The Central

I have heard many rave reviews about Pasta de Waraku since last year. Finally had the chance to taste it .... quite happy that we decided to wait... a long one. Was there at 7.15pm and the restaurant had no more seats. We left our name and contact number and we eventually got a seat about 45 mins later. During the wait, the restaurant served green tea to the waiting guests and gave little toys to kids to entertain them...

The outlet at The Central (level 2). Signature and standard deco at the entrance of Pasta de Waraku cafes. You get to look at the display menu and decide in advance what you wanna treat yourself to...

The 4 of us decided that we shall try a bit of everthing... so we ordered the Waraku Carbonara and macoroni gratin set... which came with a soup and salad.

The macaroni gratin... the top layer slightly burnt cheese is what I like most about this dish...heehee.

Pork cutlet curry rice... the curry sauce is served in a separate "aladdin" metal bowl. You can add the amount of curry to your liking.
The super thin mushroom pizza... which measures approx 2mm on thickness. Pizzas come in 2 sizes and we ordered the mini size, which was cut into 4 slices.

My friends had wanted to order the strawberry ice dessert but it was sold out. So they chose the chocolate flavour instead. The orange topping is actually some orange paste.

The other dessert that we had was this green tea ice cream with rice ball (taste like tang yuan) and red bean paste. If you like milky green tea ice cream, this is one you shd not miss...

Overall, I am very satisfied with all 4 dishes that I tried... will definitely be back again to try other dishes!

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