Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pow Sing Restaurant

Was supposed to have dinner @ Sushi Tei (Serangoon Garden) but we were told to wait for 30mins for a table. So we decided to find alternatives... preferably with no waiting time...

Decide to try our luck at Pow Sing Restaurant, whose specialty is hainanese chicken rice. We were lucky enough to be offered a seat with zero waiting time... cos the restaurant seemed quite packed. Boy, it was noisy, noisy, noisy! We were seated next to the "chopping counter" and there was continuous chop, chop, chop sound. Why can't they just move the counter to the kitchen? Sigh...

65 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555961
Tel : 6286 4813 Fax : 6282 5016
Daily Opening Hours : 11am - 3pm (Lunch) 5pm - 10pm (Dinner)

Though they specialise in hainanese chicken rice, they do serve a variety of dishes including fish, seafood, prawn, vegetables, tauhu etc.

We ordered this nonya chap chye.. which to me, it is quite disappointing. The gravy is not flavourful and the entire dish was rather bland.

Mapo Tauhu was better... at least the minced meat well marinated and the chilli padi brings out the spiciness of this dish. The tauhu was also quite silky smooth.

The chicken dish was the best of all... although we had asked for chicken breast meat, it was quite tender and smooth.

Due to the popularity of the chicken meat, be prepared that this main dish was be the last item to be served on your dining table... so do eat slowly while the dishes are being served. Else, you'd run into risk of asking for a 2nd rice serving to go with the chicken meat.

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