Sunday, August 08, 2010

Soft Shell Crab Tsukemen @ Ajisen

Ajisen has recently launched Tsukemen, a type of Japanese noodle similar to ramen but the noodles are served dry with the ingradients (in this case, with soft shell crab).  There is a separate bowl of soup, which we are supposed to dip the noodles.  The soup is made from seafood/pork broth which appeared to be a little salty and oily.  For those who prefers their soup to be less salty, just add in some white-coloured soup.

The noodles were a little dry but tasted alright after dipping into the soup.  However, the soft shell crab was not as crispy than I'd like it to be.  The crab sticks were fresh and juicy, the most satisfying ones I've ever tried.

The ala carte item costs $12.  Topping up to $15.80 would give you 1 drink and 1 side-dish such as fried tofu or fried chicken or fried prawn etc.  Besides soft shell crab tsukemen, on the menu is also cha shu tsukemen which costs $1 less.


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